Monday, October 13, 2014

Dear SLU, are you racist or just a bunch of privileged assholes?

That moment when someone close to you, someone who works with you every single day, has a son who dies - actually dies - but you are too sleepy/ bored/ busy/ racist to stand up and offer him some community support. Yes, that moment.

That was you, last night. We made it easy - we came to you at a time when classes were over and you were doing nothing that couldn’t wait. You know, smoking weed, watching that shitty Teen Titans show or sitting on the toilet with your dick in your hand. You could just as easily have waited until tonight to stain the tiles but you have your priorities.

A lot of you came to the rally and participated, felt the love and left feeling like better people. A few of you might have even learned something. But more of you stayed in whatever sad little space you were in and cranked out intellectual turds on YikYak.

Dear SLU, after seeing these rivulets of racism trickling out from under your front door I can only imagine what a seething mass of horribleness must lie within.

  •         Stop protesting and make something of your lives
  •        I want my concealed carry license. Asap.
  •        They are waiting for the new Nikes to drop and SLU has nice grass to sit on.
  •        Protest at the police station. They won’t go near a police station. lol its called warrants.
  •        Sitting around a clock tower disrupting a college campus instead of getting a job.
  •        There are 2000 ex or future cons at the clock tower
  •        It is such a shame these protestors have made so many people uncomfortable and lose their pride in SLU.
  •        Shouldn’t these people be at their job or school??? Oh wait.
  •        If you’ll notice all those tax deductions from your paycheck…
  •        SLU was SO FUCKING STUPID for letting these people in.
  •        Fuck these protestors
  •        We gotta give these boys a good lynching
  •        You can’t ‘axe’ me anything
  •        Way to be late for your own event. Just like a ...
  •        I blame the BSA
  •        My thoughts? Leave our campus
  •        I feel truly sorry for all the freshmen who have this tainted view that this is normal for SLU
  •        Get the fuck off my campus cause you dont pay tuition
  •        This is bullshit and they should be off our campus
  •        I did not leave the south side for this
  •        I hope nobody at the clock tower brought a sandwich
  •        This is just a time bomb waiting to happen
  •        Why the fuck are there so many SLU kids standing in the crowd? Why the fuck are you even there?
  •        I have pepper spray and I’m not afraid to use it.
  •        SLU gets free attention for being not racist, but whatever.
  •        I paid to go to private school for a reason.

Alright I’m going to stop right here because I’m tired and I feel sad. This is just the entries from 3 hours.

Old folks might not know about YikYak. It’s a 100% anonymous social media platform that exists only to ruin reputations and allow cowards a safe place to express their most shameful thoughts. College students seem to love it.

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